Fishing Games

Fishing games deliver the refreshing experience of a day at the lake right to your home computer. Browse through our giant selection of the best fishing games online and see for yourself. We carefully maintain and frequently update our collection of free fishing games to make sure that there's always a fun new adventure waiting for you. Can't take the boat out for the weekend? Don't worry! With all of the great fishing games available on the site, dry and dull weekends are a thing of the past. Grab your tackle box and enjoy!

Fish Quest

Catch as many as you can to earn a high score before the time limit expires. Silly game that is perfect for kids and parents to enjoy together.

Fishin’ Fever

Get out your fly bait and get ready for some fun. A large selection of flies available to use in some of the best angling spots in the United States.

Fishing Frenzy

Tackle the elements and use them to your advantage against the sea creatures swimming in the water. Don’t break your line reeling ‘em in, though!

Sea Fishing

Choose your location and enjoy the tropical island setting that surrounds you. Relax and spend the day pulling in tuna, snappers and bass.

Lake Fishing 2

Lake Fishing is back with enhanced gameplay and a number of new spots to experience. A remodeled upgrade to the first game in the series.

Kenai River Fishing

Take on Alaskan waters at the Kenai River armed with only fly bait. A realistic simulation with artwork modeled after the great American river.