Sea Fishing

The game Sea Fishing starts by allow you to select a place to fish. There are several spots available to fish (8 in total), all scattered around four small islands. Select the location you would like to start out on and you will be taken to your boat. Don’t worry, you can always switch locations later if you’d like.

Once you’re on the boat, take a look around and see where you would like to cast your line. Click the spot in the water that you would like to try out and your line will be cast. Look out for small ripples that appear on the surface of the water. This indicates that there is a fish moving through that spot.

In addition to bass, you will also be able to catch shark, snapper, trout, and tuna. You’ll be shown a notification every time you get a bite and have a fish on the line. Reel in your fish, but be careful not to snap your line. A tension meter appears on the right side of the screen and gradually gets larger as your line’s tension builds.

Once you pull in a fish, you will be shown its size and weight. Collect as many fish as you can to earn the high score and make a name for yourself in one of the most enjoyable online angling games on the web.

How To Play Sea Fishing

Throw Bait
Throw out your bait by left-clicking the location you would like to throw your bait to.

Draw Lines and Reel In
Left-click your mouse to draw lines to attract fish to your area, this will also reel in your line.

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